Punctuality Pointers.

Be on time for quarter to 9! School opens at this time, and all children are expected to be in class and ready to learn at nine.

Get children their own alarm clock! Work out with your child how long it takes them on a morning, so they know what time to set it. Also, think about what time they are going to bed the night before. Recommended sleep time for Primary school aged children is between 9 to 12 hours, so 10pm would be too late, but 7pm might be too early.

Get everything ready the night before – uniform, packed lunch, PE Kit, etc…

Join us even earlier? We have a Breakfast Club provision that works out to be 40p a day. For this, your child will receive breakfast, and be able to socialise with their peers before class. Ring 01642 676768 for more details.

Set the alarm clock five minutes fast. This could be a good tip if you find yourself always arriving just after the gate closed.

Do not allow TV, electronics or Computer games on a morning before everyone is ready – if at all.

Children who arrive late can be unsettled, miss time to catch up with their peers, and will most importantly miss learning that takes place on a morning. It also disrupts staff duties, and can affect if your child is able to pick what they want for lunch.

All children are different, and we can understand that morning times can be very hectic. The above are some tips that do work, however look for what works for your child, it could be an incentive/reward chart, or your child might need a visual aid to help them on a morning, so they know in what order things need to happen. If you would like any further support around these, or any other issues effecting your child’s punctuality or attendance please contact Mr. Dixon, Parent Support Advisor, on 01642 676768.

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