On Tuesday afternoon, I was interviewed for the position of Head Teacher at Village by the Prince Regent Trust
Board members.

The interview panel consisted of Julia Armstrong (CEO), Jaime Hughes (Trustee) and Kay Stevens (Trust Chair).
After a long interview process, I am delighted to announce that I was appointed to the role. We have a fantastic group of children, parents and carers, as well as a very committed staff that always put children’s needs at the heart of everything they do. This will continue. We strive to provide a fantastic education for the children, whilst working with you as a valued member of the process.

This year, we have kept parents and carers up to date with school events using Twitter, Facebook, Marvellous
Me, the website, texts and letters. This is vital so that you feel included and valued because you play a massive
role in your child’s future development. We strive for children to be safe, happy, making progress and ready for the next stage of their life whether it be secondary school, Key Stage Two or the next year group.

Mr R. Birtwhistle

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