Mission Statement

The purpose of our School Council is to encourage pupils to get involved in issues that concern them, in and around school.

With the School Council, many voices can be heard. We listen to the views of pupils and take responsibility for some parts of school life.   There are two members of the council from each year group and children are encouraged to participate in the group to cover issues that concern the different age groups.


The Village School Council listen to other pupils’ ideas and take action to make their school better and provide the best possible learning environment. We always try to create a warm and welcoming school that supports the community and promotes a healthy lifestyle. Our School Council helps to improve our school community by providing a means through which each child’s point of view is heard. This helps to develop an excellent relationship between staff and pupils. It also helps to nurture responsibility and a strong sense of pride and togetherness.



School council held there first meeting on Friday 15th October. We discussed the positives in our school and put forward ideas about improvements that we could make. We then voted for our priorities which are detailed in the action plan below. 

If any parents/careers can support us with any of these points we would love to hear from you. We would particularly love to hear from any capable builders or DIY experts that could help revive our planters. 


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2021 SChool Council Action Plan


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