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Admissions Policy
Addendum to CP Policy COVID 19 January 2021
Accessibility Policy
Administering Medication Policy 2019
Anti-Bullying Policy
Anti Fraud and Bribery Policy
Assets and Disposal Policy
Attendance Policy
Behaviour Policy
Bereavement Policy
British Values Policy
Complaints Policy
CCTV Policy
Charging and Remissions Policy
Child Protection Policy 2021
COVID 19 Risk Assessment Policy
Cyber Bullying Policy
EAL Policy
Emergency School Closure Policy
English Policy
Equality and Diversity Policy
External Speakers Policy
Feedback and Marking Policy
Finance Policy
EYFS Policy
Fire Risk Assessment
Gifts and Hospitality Policy
Governing Body Remits
Handwriting Policy
Health and Safety Policy
Information for Parents and Carers on Reporting Absence Policy
Mathematics Policy
Mobile Phone Policy
Music Policy
LAC Policy
Intimate Care Policy
Oral Health Policy
Peer on Peer Abuse Policy
Penalty Notice Procedure June
PE Policy
Pupil Premium Policy
Pupil Premium Reporting Expenditure
RE Policy
Remote Learning Policy
Remote Learning Jan 2021
Reserves Policy
Retention of Records
Risk Management Policy and Procedure
RSE Policy
SEN Support Plan
School Uniform Policy
Science Policy
SEND Policy
Staff Behaviour Policy
Treasury Management and Investment Policy
Twitter Policy
Walking To and From School Policy
Whistle Blowing Policy
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