All the staff made us feel so welcome and helped us settle in

All the staff are friendly and very approachable. When moving to the area earlier this year all the staff made us feel so welcome and helped us settle in. As it’s a small school it has a real community feel. The children get plenty outside time which is fantastic. My year 2 child loves learning french and music lessons. Both of my children now attend judo outside of school due to them having a taster session in school the last academic year.

Suzanne Leonard

Parent of a Reception child & Year 2 child

Amazing interaction through the day from staff, to show what our child has been learning

Amazing interaction through the day from staff, to show what our child has been learning.

Our child enjoys the singing, dancing and playing with his friends.

Since joining The Village we have seen huge improvement in reading, writing and maths. This is supported even if it is at different levels to others.

Alexandra Smith

Parent of a Reception child

Tremendous level of dedication to the job the teachers and support staff give

My children have been going to the school for 10 years now. The communication between the school and parents has always been very good and with the introduction of things like seesaw it is now even better than when my son first started at the school. I have been into school voluntarily several times to listen to children read and I’ve seen first hand the tremendous level of dedication to the job the teachers and support staff have. They put their heart and soul into the job and genuinely care about the success of the children in their classes. Whenever I’ve been in school, the vast majority of children seem happy and keen to learn.

The school teach the core curriculum well, but they also understand the importance of an all round education. As well as maths and english, they put a lot of effort into the other subjects and they do things like “inspire days” where parents can come in and help out with art and craft type activities. The school also place a lot of value on trips, after school clubs, special visitors and events in school. My children have done after school clubs/in school events in football, dodgeball, chess, computer coding, general sports, cooking, trumpet, ukulele amongst many others. Apart from during covid, there were also several trips each year and even this term when some schools are still being cautious, my daughter went on a trip to Heugh Battery museum within 3 weeks of the children going back.
I’m very happy with the school and I cannot recommend it highly enough to anyone thinking of sending their child to it.

Chris Swales

Parent of year 6 child

They go above and beyond

The school and teachers are absolutely amazing they go above and beyond for all the children. My daughter absolutely loves her teachers.

Kelly Stead

Parent of a Reception child

Like a big family

The teachers are lovely as well as the Headteacher too. I like the interaction of the teachers with the children. I love the way the headteacher or a teacher is available to greet parents when they drop their kids or picking them up. I love the feel of the school as it shows like a big family instead of education faculty so I am happy all my three kids have gone to this school. The school has come a long way since my first child went there. I want to say is thank you for all your hard work, which has been put toward the betterment of this school.

Nadia Vaheed

Parent of a Year 5 child

Happy to go to nursery school

My son always wakes up happy to go to nursery school.


Mayra Saa

Parent of a Nursery child

A great learning environment

My children enjoy going to the Village primary. It is like a little community, the staff know all the children, whether they have taught them or not, this helps to create a great learning environment.

I think the seesaw app is a really good tool to help parents see what their children are doing whilst at school.

Gemma Burwood

Parent of a child in Year 3 and Year 4

Enjoys all the fun things he does everyday

My son says he loves his teachers and enjoys all the fun things he does everyday. But the number one thing he loves the most is seeing his best friend.

Rosie Smith

Parent of Reception child

Village school is a really good school

Village school is a really good school, teachers are lovely and really helpful if you have any problems . They really try to help you and your children if your child is struggling.

Lucy Smithson

Parent of a Year 2 child

Loves taking part in after school clubs

My children enjoy PE and Art. My son especially likes Math and my daughter loves sport and loves taking part in after school clubs.

Sarah Carr

Parent of a Year 3 and Year 5 child

Staff genuinely care about the children

Staff genuinely care about the children
Encourage children to progress
Extra curricular activities
Family feel

Erica Avison

Parent of a Year 6 child

I like the transition

My child is in reception and he obviously enjoys the learning through playing aspect. I personally like the transitioning, nothing is forced.

Briony Roy

Parent of Reception child

I made the right decision moving school

I have had nothing but good experience and both my children would agree. The staff are all so approachable and helpful and made both my children feel welcome when moving to the school just a few weeks before summer term ended. They have both made good relationships with their teachers and I have no doubt that if I had any concerns/issues I will be able to speak to them and get them resolved. The updates through apps are great for parents like me that can’t drop off and pick up everyday. The smallest things make a big difference, The head teacher knowing all the children’s names and greeting them on a morning, noticing they have a new coat on put a smile on there face. This has also reassured me I made the right decision moving them school to a place I feel confident that their learning and happiness is being put first.

Eva Morley

Parent of a Reception and Year 3 child

The head teacher is so approachable

Interaction with the teachers and TA’s. The latest trip to war museum my daughter didn’t stop talking about it for days.

If you have a problem the head teacher is so approachable.

Emma Wood

Parent of a Year 6 child

Good progression

The whole experience. Teachers, TAs and staff in general are all open and welcoming, the school is well equipped and I see my child having good progression in the short time she has been here.

Chris Turner

Parent of Reception child

Teacher’s listen to parents

The teachers listen to parents views regarding their child. The staff appear to be all friendly, especially the staff at the gates on a morning and in an afternoon.

Janetta Bellerby

Parent of Year 1 child

I’m happy with the learning.

I’m happy with the learning my son comes home with and has learnt so much and come on since starting full time.

Kirsty Stead

Reception child parent

Very happy with the school.

Teachers in the nursery are all lovely, they have time to talk to you about any problems. Very happy with the school.

Tina Forrester

Nursery child carer

A lovely family community feel.

The school has a great ethos, the teachers are very aware of each individual needs. With being a smaller school everyone knows everyone which gives it a lovely family community feel.

Angela Whitfield

Nursery child parent

They meet her emotional needs.

My daughter loves her teachers. They meet her emotional needs as well as her educational needs.


Reception child parent

My child enjoys after school football.

My child enjoys after school football. He also loves his IT lesson which he tells us is his favourite thing to do.

Carol Teasdale

Year 5 parent

The varied learning that takes place and shared on Seesaw is fantastic.

The varied learning that takes place and shared on Seesaw is fantastic. I like the school ethos around individuals rights and the way achievements are celebrated, and praise and encouragement is given. Teachers and staff being around to discuss issues if needed.

Sarah Berry

Year 4 parent

My son has come along brilliantly with his reading & writing

The Village Primary School is fantastic. My son has come along brilliantly with his reading & writing. He loves his teachers and he loves going to school.

Katie Waters

Year 1 parent

Genuine enjoyment

Great trips and I feel all staff have a genuine enjoyment of what they do.

Paul Avison

Year 5 parent


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