Whole School Curriculum Overview

  Autumn Spring Summer
Nur Celebrations

Monthly Stay and Play

Soft play

People who help us in school, Polar Express Day


GG 1 No poverty



Monthly Stay and Play

Farm Bus (in school)

Pet visits, scales and tails

Village green


GG 14 Life below water

Beach/Summer season

Monthly Stay and Play

Shop visit

Tees Wildlife in school, beach day


GG15 Life on land

Rec Night Time

Stay and Clay

Kirkleatham Owls

People who help us in school, Polar Express Day

Van Gough Starry Night

GG 2 Zero hunger e.g. farm to fork

Life cycles


Kwik Fit/Garage

People who help us outside of school  


Paul Klee

GG 14 Life below water


Animals and Beasts

Hardwick park – Gruffalo workshop


George O’Keeffe

GG15 Life on land

1 Fairy Tales

Castles, phonics, fairy tale picnic

Kirkleatham toys through history

Walk around local area, toy day

Toys through history

Our local area (Thornaby) human features


GG10 Reduced inequalities e.g. Cinderella class system


Polar Adventures & Animals

Phonics, animal crafts

Big Sheep Little Cow Farm

Jays Animals

Homes changes over time

Weather patterns

Stockton flyer and John Walker memorial


GG15 Life on land

Pirates Ahoy!

Phonics, pirate crafts

Saltburn beach

Pirate picnic

Henry Pease

Seaside study

John Freeman  

GG 1 No poverty e.g. pirates stealing

2 Why was the Fire of London Great? Houses/Fire engines

Life museum electricity

Fire station/Fire Brigade in school, Warburton’s in school bread making

Fire of London

Atlas Work

Steven Brown

GG 11 sustainable cities and communities

Where in the world is Spain?

Maths reasoning


Flamenco dancer in school

Florence Nightingale

Local study Thornaby/Spain

Riverside Stadium

Mackenzie Thorpe

GG 6 clean water and sanitation e.g. nursing Florence

Who was Captain Cook?

Global Goals posters Captain Cook

Captain Cook Museum

Preston Park stick man walk

Captain Cook


Andy Goldsworthy

GG3 Health and well-being e.g. scurvy aboard ship

3 When was the Stone Age?

Recreate Stone Henge

Stone and Bronze Age Village – York

Forest school – cooking

Stone Age

Our local area (Teesside) physical features

Bridget Riley

GG 2 Zero hunger e.g. hunting and gathering

Who is the Iron Man?


Seven Stories, Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Roman Feast


Where is Rome?

Hartlepool historic quay

Henry Moore

GG 4 Quality education e.g. Romans

Were the Vikings Vicious?

Building volcanoes

Jorvick Museum

Viking Day – drama



Roy Lichtenstein

GG 11 Sustainable cities and communities

4 Who were the Ancient Egyptians?

Moving toys

Oriental Museum

Egyptian Day

Ancient Egyptians



GG 3 Good health and well-being

What lives in the Rainforests?

Saxon homes

Hamsterley Forest

Thornaby mosque

Anglo Saxons

Brazil/South America rainforests

Tees Barrage

Henry Rousseau

GG 13 climate action e.g. chopping down rainforest

When was World War 2?

Spitfire planes

Murton Park  

Fun run at Preston Park

World War 2/ Churchill

Local area maps

L.S Lowry

GG 8 decent work and economic growth

GG 16 peace, justice and strong institutions  

5 Who made the railways?

Victorian Tea Party


Conyers Science lessons


Victorian Empire/Trade

William Morris

GG 8 Decent work and economic growth

GG 9 Industry, innovation and infrastructure

What are Coastal Regions?

Create an island

Whitby trip

Pizza Express Dough

Whitby witches/Dracula

Topographical knowledge

Roseberry Topping

Edward Western

GG 7 Affordable and clean energy e.g. wind farm

Where is Greece?

Sculpt a vase

Planetarium solar system

Greek Day

Ancient Greece

European comparison

Deborah Shapiro  

GG 5 Gender equality e.g voting and Olympic Games

6 What caused World War 1?

Group reading

Heugh Battery Museum/Preston park WW1 exhibition artists

Thornaby Academy Science lesson

World War 1

Countries involved in WW1

John Constable

GG 16 peace, justice and strong institutions 

Is Our Earth Endangered?

Maths making 3D shapes

Robin Wood

Jays animals (authorised repeat)


Climate change/pollution/changes over time on the earth

Transporter Bridge

Anthony Gormley

GG 13 Climate Action (all link)

Who were the Mayans?

Science investigation

Danby Moors National Park  


Mayans/Ancient civilisations

Mayans/Central America/Farming/Land use

Andy Warhol

GG 12 Responsible consumption e.g. farming, rationing


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