Nursery is often a child’s first venture alone into the larger world outside the family home. What children experience and learn in Nursery can create strong and lasting foundations on which to build in later life, so we believe it is essential that the experiences are of the highest quality. We equip our children with the skills they will need to help them become independent and active learners. In Nursery our youngest children begin during the term in which they turn three and they will have the opportunity to explore new activities and to become part of our wider school community.

The older children in our Nursery are those that will turn four during the academic year. Our aim is to provide a wide range of activities to motivate and inspire the children in both our spacious inside environment but also in the outside learning area. Parental involvement is seen as key and parents have access to their child’s online learning journey where they are able to make their own valuable contributions by commenting on photos and videos.

Reception and Nursery staff work closely together to aid children in their transition from Nursery to school. Reception teachers spend time with the children in Nursery and build links through shared activities.  Our Nursery children also spend time visiting Reception so that they are familiar with both the adults and the new environment.

In Reception we continue to build on the foundations laid down by Nursery. The children work towards the statutory Early Learning Goals throughout the year, with a particular focus on Reading, Writing and Maths. They are encouraged to develop their independence further thinking about how to tackle problems and to have a go even if they aren’t sure of the outcome.
We are very proud of our children and their achievements.

Mrs G Ball
Early Year Foundation Stage Leader

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