At Village Primary school we strive to broaden children’s scientific views of the world around them. Meaningful links are made to Global Goals and the UNICEF Rights of the Child where relevant. We encourage curiosity and exploration about relevant and challenging scientific concepts.  Children are taught to ask questions and use their observations and ideas to suggest answers to these questions.  Real life experiences are a fundamental element of the curriculum and links are made to careers in science, scientific inventions and scientists to ensure children are aware of the place of science in the wider world.  Through practical lessons, our learning is full of discovery and we provide opportunities for exploration and investigation about the universe we live in.  Our curriculum is a combination of scientific knowledge, understanding and enquiry skills.  We ensure that children are equipped to make links with our classroom experiences and jobs in the real world.  Each and every year group is on a scientific skills journey that is rich in vocabulary and always hands on.

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Science Curriculum Map
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