At Village it is our vision that our curriculum will provide children the opportunity to become well-round, global citizens. Through language learning the children are able to gain a further understanding of the world around them, further than that of their locality. We begin teaching French during EYFS to enable children to gain a good understanding of the French language where they are able to develop upon this as they progress throughout their school life. Meaningful links are made to Global Goals and the UNICEF Rights of the Child where relevant.

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The teaching of modern foreign languages enables our children to be mindful and prepares our children for life in modern Britain. Through the teaching of French our children develop awareness of cultural differences and develop tolerance within diverse society. Together with the teaching of Philosophy for Children, Global Goals and Rights Respecting Children our children are open-minded and aware of the fast-changing world around them. We aim for our children to dream of the wider world, explore its languages and discover its culture.

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