At Village Primary School, P.E is highly regarded as an important part of school life.  P.E has a planned programme of activities, contributing to the development of the whole child.  We aim to engage all children in a broad and balanced curriculum that builds confidence and promotes self-belief.  We aim to develop the children’s knowledge, skills and understanding, so that they can perform with increasing competence and confidence in a range of physical activities – including those of a competitive nature.  Through a balance of individual, paired and group activities we aim to cater for the different strengths, needs and preferences of each child, using differentiated activities where appropriate.

Village Primary School is committed to raising children’s health and fitness through quality P.E. activities. We invest heavily in the use of coaches to enrich the P.E. curriculum and to enhance the quality of children’s learning.  Through our programme, children have opportunities to participate in sports such as Dance, Gymnastics, Tennis, Cricket, Tag Rugby and Athletics.