At Village, staff take a ‘Context for Learning’ approach to planning to make learning meaning, relevant and memorable. We believe it is vital that children enjoy their lessons and can recall and apply skills and key facts due to the stimulating and thought provoking planned experiences in and outside the classroom.

A recent initiative to further develop critical thinking is P4C (Philosophy 4 Children) and is being used across the curriculum to improve children’s confidence, vocabulary and verbal reasoning. Our school vision encompasses strategies, such as Talk 4 Writing and Reciprocal Reading, for metacognition to develop independence and skills for life. Our curriculum has been designed to develop the whole child. Everything we do is child centred. We nurture the academic, creative, spiritual and social aspects equally.

Please see below the ‘Long Term Plans’ for each year group. These documents outline the topics and key learning experiences for the academic year, in term specific columns. In addition, each term, teachers will provide parents with curriculum letters. On a half term basis, children will also be issued curriculum targets. These targets are individual and tailored to your child’s needs to focus teaching and learning and ensure progression. If you wish to find out further information about the curriculum, please do not hesitate to contact school.