My name is Alexandra Smith and I have a 5 year old son, Pip (Philip). He has been attending Village Primary School since Nursery and absolutely loves to go to school every day. I chose the Village Primary School, as both my husband and I agreed with the schools values and ethos. Once we had visited the Village Primary School and saw how attentive the teachers were and how happy the students were in this wonderful environment, we were sure it would be the perfect fit for our values as a family.

I am passionate about education for people of all ages and feel everyone deserves access to a stimulating and enjoyable way of learning, in a way that is suited to their individual needs so they can reach their full potential.

I currently work part time and for the past year I have been lucky enough to be part of FOVP. I enjoy crafting, baking, reading and singing. I have found all of these hobbies are very handy with my interactions with the school and being part of FOVP.

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