Mission Statement

Mission Statement and School Aims

We endeavour to provide the best educational opportunities for the children within our care in a secure, happy and hard working environment. Within this environment, we are committed to providing equality of opportunity, allowing all children to reach their full potential.

Below we set out our specific school aims. They are not in order of priority.

  • For the Village Primary School to be a happy, caring school
  • To offer an excellent, broad, balanced, rich and differentiated curriculum
  • To create a calm, positive, interesting and stimulating environment in which children can achieve their full potential
  • To foster good relationships with children and adults
  • For parents to be positively involved in their child’s education in a partnership
  • To encourage a sense of PRIDE and RESPECT in our school
  • To ensure that our children are happy, interested and confident enough to continue learning after they leave the Village
  • To ensure that our children know how to be safe, and live a healthy lifestyle
  • To ensure that our children understand how to be a good citizen